Care instructions

Our products are made from carefully selected, high-quality materials that stand the test of time.

Appropriate care ensures an even longer life for our products, which have been purposely designed for as easy maintenance as possible. Well looked after, your Matri products will continue to bring you joy for years to come.

Protect hard-to-clean surfaces

Delicate and hard-to-clean surfaces can be protected with products that are easier to clean. A valance sheet, for example, protects the white bed frame and the mattress from dirt. A mattress cover extends the life cycle of a mattress topper. Airing is recommended for valance sheets and headboard upholstery, while stained upholstery should ideally be dry cleaned. Our mattress covers can be machine washed according to their product-specific washing instructions.

Removable upholstery and covers

Apart from the Lempi headboard, the upholstery of our headboards can be removed and washed according to their product-specific washing instructions. We recommend dry cleaning for our upholstery fabrics to avoid potential shrinkage or water streaks.

Our mattress toppers and dog beds also come with removable covers, which can be machine washed at temperatures specified in the washing instructions.

Care instructions for Matri beds in a nutshell:

Protect the white bed frame and mattress of your Matri bed with a valance sheet.

If possible, the space under the bed should be kept empty. This allows air to circulate within the bed frame and enables the bed to air itself naturally.

Regularly vacuum your frame bed all over with the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner, ideally each time you change the bedding.

Care instructions for the mattress and mattress topper in a nutshell:

A mattress cover protects the mattress topper from moisture and dirt, giving it a longer life.

The mattress topper cover can be removed when necessary, split into two and machine washed according to the product-specific washing instructions.

Allow the bed some time to air in the morning before covering it.

15-year guarantee against frame and spring system breakages

Our quality promise for our customers is based on more than 30 years of carpentry experience and a keen respect for design tradition. Every Matri product fulfils the strictest quality standards. As our beds are made to last, all Matri frames and spring systems come with a 15-year guarantee against breakages.