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Matri Concept Store Helsinki

Fennobed Finland Oy

Opening hours:
Tue – Thu 11-18
Fri 11-17
Sat 11-15

Kapteeninkatu 11 00140 Helsinki Finland 358102743790

Retailer and project sales

Matri Oy
Kapteeninkatu 26
00140 Helsinki

Retailer and project sales contact

Sirpa Purovesi
+358 40 508 3599

Factory contact

Fennobed OÜ
Veermiku tee 7
Kilksama küla, Tori vald
85003 Pärnumaa

We are Matri

Anja Lehtonen


Anja founded Matri together with her husband Martti Lehtonen. Despite the generation change, Anja has not wanted to retire completely. She can often be found at our Helsinki store in Ullanlinna doing what she loves best – helping customers find their perfect bed.

Martti Lehtonen

Martti is Matri’s co-founder and the soul of our family-owned company. Without his courage Matri would not exist.

Elli Lehnhoff

Founder, Designer

Elli is Anja and Martti’s daughter, Matri’s creative director and lead designer.

Andreas Lehnhoff

Founder, Designer

Elli’s husband and Matri’s designer. As our German representative, Andreas looks after Matri’s operations in Central Europe.

Kalle Lehtonen

Founder, CEO Fennobed Oü

Kalle is Anja and Martti’s son, responsible for the operations of our factory in Pärnu.

Sirpa Purovesi

Sales director

Retailer and project sales contact.