Quality and materials

We take pride in only using certified, European-produced materials that have been proven safe, durable and environmentally friendly. To us, this is one of the prerequisites of high quality manufacturing. What’s more, it guarantees a healthy sleeping environment for you and a long life for our products.

Harmful chemicals are not welcome in your bed, your home’s most important piece of furniture. We don’t use multi-component adhesives or other chemical substances in our beds’ production processes. This also safeguards in a healthy working environment for our employees.

Explore the materials used in Matri beds:

Latex and jute latex

Our latex, a mixture of synthetic and natural rubber, is produced using the Dunlop process in the Netherlands. It is durable, extremely flexible, and it holds its shape well. The latex in Matri beds’ horizontal surfaces and mattress toppers provides optimal support for the body and feels wonderfully soft. Perforations ensure air circulation through the mattress and optimal moisture management. Naturally anti-bacterial, latex is also exceptionally hygienic. The latex and jute latex in Matri products hold the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification.

Talalay latex

The manufacturing process of Talalay latex means that its cell structure remains more consistent. This is why Talalay latex is more pillowy and airy than traditional latex. Extremely breathable, it also provides ideal support for your body weight. The Talalay latex used in our Mio+ mattress topper gives the bed a luxuriously soft surface feel. Talalay latex is well suited for allergy sufferers, as its open cell structure is naturally resistant to dust mites. Our Talalay latex is made in the Netherlands. It is both eco-INSTITUT and Cradle to Cradle certified.

Talalay natural latex

The Talalay natural latex, which we use in the horizontal surfaces of Hilja beds and in Hilja mattress toppers, is a soft and extremely breathable material, just like ordinary Talalay latex. Natural latex is harvested from the sap of the Hevea rubber tree, making it a renewable, environmentally friendly material. Thanks to its excellent moisture-wicking and naturally antiseptic properties, natural latex is a perfect choice for allergy sufferers. The patented Talalay production methods give natural latex an open and airy cell structure, which reduces sweating. Talalay natural latex is produced in the Netherlands and is Eco-Institute and Cradle-to-Cradle certified.

Bonnell spring system

Bonnell is a classic, durable, tried and tested spring system that provides optimal support for the body. Bonnell springs are used in Matri beds’ lower spring section. Their role is to support the upper boxspring section and increase the conforming capability of the mattress for ideal body contouring. Matri’s Oeko-Tex certified Bonnell springs are made in Germany from hardened steel.

Boxspring system

The barrel shape of the springs makes them extra responsive at the top and bottom, with increased support towards the middle. The boxspring system of Matri beds guarantees optimal, comfortable support and pressure relief in every sleep position. Matri’s Oeko-Tex certified boxsprings are made in Germany from hardened steel.

Soft Surface spring system

The innovative Soft Surface spring system further improves the progressive responsiveness of the mattress. Like a shock absorber, its sensitive surface responds gently to pressure. As pressure mounts towards the centre of the spring, the level of support gradually increases. This allows the Soft Surface spring system to deliver a unique combination of softness, body contouring and pressure-relieving responsiveness.

Coniferous wood

The frames and slatted bed bases of Matri beds are made from slow-grown heartwood from FSC certified sustainable forests in Estonia. The solid wood parts of the beds are joined together with mortise and tenon joints and screws. This results in a highly durable bed frame that neither creaks nor squeaks.

Cold foam

We only use foam in Matri beds’ border padding to provide structural support for the mattress and the bed. The foam in our products is Oeko-Tex certified, high quality cold foam free from toxic flame retardants.


The wool used at Matri is Oeko-Tex certified, pure new lambswool, which has been thermobonded to prevent felting. Wool is a comfortable, naturally warming material that transports moisture away from the skin.

Upholstery fabrics

The sides of Matri beds have been upholstered with white quilted cotton-polyester fabric. The upholstery of the sleeping surfaces is made from flexible polyester. The covers of the mattress and the mattress topper are easy to remove and washable by machine at 60°C. The mattress topper cover is zipped all round, which means it can be split into two and machine-washed at home according to the washing instructions. The Oeko-Tex certified fabrics are made in Belgium.

Hilja upholstery fabric

The frames and sleeping surfaces of the Hilja beds have been upholstered with 100% organic cotton knit fabric. The soft stretch fabric is Oeko-Tex certified. The cotton of the fabric is grown without toxic chemicals or gene manipulation, and it has a smaller environmental footprint than regular cotton. The covers of the Hilja mattress and mattress topper are removable and washable. The fabric is made in the Netherlands.

Headboard and valance sheet fabrics

Our headboards and valance sheets are made from high quality anti-static materials like cotton and linen. We recommend dry cleaning natural materials to avoid potential shrinkage or staining. Our beautiful and durable Globe velvet fabric can be washed in water due to its polyester base. The Caleido, Alaska and Wooly fabrics are made in Italy, while our pre-washed linen fabric Lino is made in Italy. All our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.

Coconut coir

Coconut coir, used for surface support and border padding in Hilja beds, is a strong yet malleable material with excellent moisture removing capabilities. It is mold-resistant even in very humid environments, which makes it an ideal choice for mattress structures. The coir used at Matri is made from industry waste material and bonded with natural latex to produce fibre plates. It is Oeko-Tex and QUL certified and made in the Netherlands.