The Scandinavian-style, minimalist and functional Matri Nordic frame beds adapt to a variety of needs. Their light frame makes them ideal for small spaces. Matri offers two different versions of the Nordic frame bed: Cassia and Kaino.

A good night’s sleep is a matter of precision. Your bed can be as soft or firm as you like. We are confident that everyone can find their ideal bed in the Matri collection. Even the two sides of Matri’s double bed mattresses can be customised to each sleeper’s unique needs.

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Cassia is our beautifully basic Matri bed. By supporting and conforming to the body in exactly the right way, the bed’s unique double spring system ensures a restful night’s sleep.

Cassia is a simple, high-quality Nordic frame bed. The combination of a boxspring section and a lower Bonnell spring section supports and conforms to the sleeping body in exactly the right way to ensure a good night’s sleep. Breathable materials make Cassia even more comfortable.

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Frame: solid coniferous wood

Spring system: boxspring system, Bonnell lower spring system

Padding: perforated jute latex

Tension: medium or firm


Kaino is our slightly softer Nordic frame bed. Its triple spring system and higher frame ensure superior ergonomics and comfort. The unique triple spring system conforms to your weight and body contour, while the wonderfully responsive surface adds a touch of luxury.

Every part of your perfect Nordic frame bed is of the highest quality. The Kaino Nordic frame bed supports and conforms to you as you sleep, responding to your every movement. Its Bonnell and boxspring sections are complemented by the highly responsive Soft Touch spring section, which relieves pressure and allows you to sleep even more comfortably. The Kaino bed will make you feel light, almost weightless.

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Frame: solid coniferous wood

Spring system: Soft Touch boxspring system, boxspring system, Bonnell spring system

Padding: Perforated jute latex

Tension: medium or firm

Complete your bed

Explore our mattress toppers

A mattress cover adds the final touch to your comfortable bed. It also determines how soft or firm the bed will feel.

Explore our headboards

A Matri headboard completes the look of your bed and matches it to your home decor. A beautiful headboard makes the bed even more inviting.

Explore our valance sheets

A beautiful valance sheet completes the look of your bedroom and gives even an unmade bed a refined appearance.

Beds sold only in MATRI stores

Buying a bed is a project that deserves time. Our different spring system combinations make each Matri bed unique. Rather than rushing to buy, we invite you to try out the various options in person. As we want to help every one of our customers find their perfect bed, we only sell Matri beds in our stores. During your visit, you can choose bed accessories that suit your style and complete the look of your bedroom.

We are happy to help you choose your perfect bed.

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During its long life, a good quality bed will witness myriad changes in both its owner’s life and bedroom. That’s why we chose white as the colour of Matri bed frames. The fresh, crisp white is easy to adapt to different styles with Matri complements. The shape and colour of the headboard, the valance sheet, the bedspread and bed legs make every bed a reflection of its owner.

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Cassia bed with Slim headboard and Full-Skirt valance sheet in Alaska upholstery fabric.

Kaino bed with Classic headboard and Full-Skirt valance sheet in Alaska upholstery fabric.

Cassia bed with Slim headboard and a shorter Half-Skirt valance sheet in Lino upholstery fabric.