Sleeping should be as enjoyable as possible. Soft, airy, warm and breathable bedding is central to a restful night’s sleep. That’s why we take our quilts, pillows and bedding very seriously.

High quality quilts and pillows enhance our sleep quality. When it comes to choosing the ideal quilt and pillow, we all have unique needs. For a quilt that warms you just right through the night and a pillow that matches your sleep position, take a closer look at our collection.

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Matri Milla is a high quality basic pillow, which is available in three heights: low, medium and high.

Our airy hollowfibre pillows have been Oeko-Tex certified. They are ideal for allergy sufferers, too. Machine wash at 60°C.




Matri Maija quilts are made from an extremely breathable blend of hollowfibre and tencel with excellent moisture management properties.

The Maija quilt is available in summer and winter weights. Both quilts have exceptional moisture wicking capabilities, making them suitable for those who react easily to temperature fluctuations.

The Maija summer quilt is light, airy and breathable. It provides just the right amount of warmth while keeping you from sweating.

The Maija winter quilt is soft, light and airy. Even if you’re sensitive to cold or you sleep in a cooler room, it will keep you wonderfully warm and snug.

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