With a daybed you finish your bed and your own bedroom with the style you want. Choose a relaxed, modern or slightly more classy bedspread to finish your bed.

All Matri’s bedspreads are made from Öko-Tex 100 certified materials in Portugal.


Lightweight, jacquard woven cotton Aava-bedspread is a luxuriously soft, stonewashed cotton. Easy to maintain, with many colors and sizes.


Classic satin-cotton Elsa-bedspread with wide edges and square seam. Soft gloss on the surface. Several colors and sizes.


The beautiful pattern with narrow seams on the satin-cotton Tuike-bedspreads adds a modern look to the bedroom. Thanks to stone wash, the surface of the cover is matte and silky-smooth.


Flipping between fresh linen is one of life’s most enjoyable experiences. Pick up from our bedlinen collection of materials that feel natural against your skin – a fine linen or a dense, smooth cotton or a soft satin. Spin in luxurious linens and sleep softly and naturally every night.

All Matri’s linen is made from certified materials in either Portugal or Lithuania.


Smooth, dense woven straight cotton that feels wonderfully fresh and cool against your skin.


Soft, dense woven satin-cotton. Thanks to the stone wash, the material is matte but it feels warm.


Very soft, high quality cotton from Europe. Smooth, dense tissue.

Mattress protector

Easily removable and washable mattress protector is an absolute additional to your bed. The mattress protector protects the life of the mattress or comfort pad by protecting it from contaminated. The breathable mattress protector guarantees good sleep and soft natural materials that remove moisture and support a healthy sleeping environment.

All Matri’s mattress protectors are made from Öko-Tex 100 certified materials in Germany.


Tilda mattress protector is a useful and easy-care protection for the mattress or comfort pad. Broad elastic straps keep the mattress cover in place. Easily washable, breathable material. Cover and filling of untreated 100% cotton.

Pillows and blankets

You should enjoy your sleep as much as possible. Therefore, we also invest in blankets, pillows and linens.

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