Suvia – Adjustable bed

The Suvia bed allows you to adjust the position of both the head and the feet electronically. The silent adjustment mechanism is completely unnoticeable regardless of the position of the mattress. We’re proud to be able to produce such high-tech beds in our very own factory.

1. Mattress filling

2. Pocket-spring
Tempered steel

3. Bottom filling
Tempered steel

4. Bottom pocket-spring
Tempered steel

5. Motor technology
A remote controlled double motor with separate controls for the head and feet.

6. Frame
Unprocessed solid wood

Bed structure

The perfect bedstead consists of several parts, each one of which must be high quality. Suvia, our motorised bed, always lets you choose the most comfortable resting position. The bed adapts to your wishes at the press of a button. Who needs a sofa anymore?

Silently in the favorite position

Two motors provide motion precisely where it is needed, making the system more stable and it can virtually operate silently. In addition, a special start-stop function at rest automatically interrupts the current flow of the electrically adjustable box spring. Nevertheless Suvia the technology remains at all times in the background.

Prices and dimensions

You can order Matri beds in nearly all shapes and sizes.

Choose width 90-200cm. Length 200cm. Height 58cm without comfort pad.

The total price includes fixed upholstery in the lower part of the bed (Alaska-, Caleido- or Stella-fabric) and Quader light birch/beech legs 15cm.


A good night’s sleep requires some fine-tuning. Your bed can be as soft or firm as you like. We are happy to help you choose.


Comfort Pads

You can choose from five different comfort pads. They have a removable cover that can be split into two parts, making them easy to wash in 60 degrees.

Beds from stores

To ensure the suitability for you, we only sell our beds in stores.

The bed is easiest to choose by trying different options on the store. At the same time, you can choose decorative items for your bed!

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