Our adjustable bed is for you if you enjoy spending time in bed, for example reading or watching TV. The electric bed is also ideal for those who prefer to sleep with their head or feet elevated.


Our Suvia adjustable bed allows you to rest in optimal comfort. Adapt your bed to fit your needs at the touch of a button and make it the most comfortable spot in your home.

The head and foot of the Suvia Nordic frame bed can be adjusted at the press of a button, almost silently. The technology does not compromise on style, as the adjustment mechanism remains well hidden in every position.

The double spring system of the Suvia bed offers optimal support and comfort to the body.

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Why choose the adjustable Suvia bed?

Breathable structure

Responsive ergonomics

Durable springs

Safe materials

Made using renewable energy

15-year guarantee for the frame and springs


Frame: solid coniferous wood and plywood

Boxspring system: double boxspring system

Padding: perforated jute latex

Motor technology: remote controllable double motor, with separate controls for the head and foot of the bed

Tension: medium or firm

Adjustment mechanism remains well hidden in every position.

The head and foot of the Suvia Nordic frame bed can be adjusted at the press of a button.

You can choose the upholstery fabric from our wide collection.

Mattress toppers

A mattress topper adds the final touch to your comfortable bed. Matri’s selection of four different mattress toppers will satisfy every need. All Matri mattress toppers come with a removable cover that can be split into two parts, making them easy to wash at 60°C.

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Beds sold only in MATRI stores

Buying a bed is a project that deserves time. Our different spring system combinations make each Matri bed unique. Rather than rushing it, we invite you to try out the various options in person. As we want to help every one of our customers find their perfect bed, we only sell Matri beds in our stores. During your visit, you can choose bed accessories that suit your style and complete the look of your bedroom.

We are happy to help you choose your perfect bed.


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