Design by Matri

At Matri we design products that stand the test of time and respect Scandinavian design tradition. Our collections are an elegant combination of functionality and contemporary design language. High quality and durable design is also sustainable

Our designers, Elli and Andreas Lehnhoff, are responsible for designing our bed collection. We also collaborate with Finnish contemporary designers to create the Matri range, in which every product is made by hand from the finest, certified materials, reflects our family’s values, and fulfils a genuine need.

The entire Matri product range has been awarded the Design from Finland mark.



Elli and Andreas are the duo behind the Matri product range. Over the years they’ve fine-tuned their collaboration to perfection, and they design every product together. Elli is the visionary who comes up with the ideas and looks after product aesthetics. Andreas has a more technical approach and a tendency to question everything. He will work on the smallest detail until he achieves perfect functionality.

KOKO3 is an award-winning Helsinki design agency founded by Aino Brandt, Jukka Halminen and Helka Parkkinen in 1997. The agency works on a wide variety of interior architecture and design projects. The Lempi collection for Matri is their first foray into designing a furniture collection. The Lempi collection was launched at the Habitare interior decoration and design fair in 2017. The idea was to design a unique furniture collection that complements the decor of the bedroom.

Discover the Lempi furniture collection here

In Iina Kettunen’s work, beauty and practicality go hand in hand. Her designs are inspired by nature, with an emphasis on materials and atmospheres. It’s a matter of principle to Kettunen, the founder of the Field Day design studio, to only design products that are genuinely necessary.

Iina has designed Matri’s Iina neck pillow, which protects the bed’s headboard. Its organic design language is inspired by Danish tradition.

Discover the Iina neck pillow here

Wesley Walters and Salla Luhtasela are Studio Kaksikko. The award-winning design duo who met at Aalto University in Helsinki has a particular affinity with wood and ceramics. The United States born Wesley also studied in Tokyo, so their minimalist design language has been inspired by both Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. Studio Kaksikko has designed Matri’s wooden Ilta bedside table, which showcases their understated expression beautifully.

Discover the Ilta bedside table here