Aina – the genuinely sustainable bed concept

Aina is Finnish for always. It’s also a genuinely sustainable bed concept, the result of us always striving to do things better. In contrast to throwaway consumerism, Aina has been responsibly designed with the bare minimum of materials and manufactured to last. Thanks to its rearrangeable mattress padding, it can be perfected for every sleeper and adjusted as needed. What’s more, to ensure its long life, its components are repairable, replaceable, and finally recyclable.

Not only does Aina help you sleep better, it is also our contribution to a less wasteful, circular economy.

Removable covers

Rearrangable zones (soft - medium - firm)

High quality pocket springs

Supportive Bonnell-springs

Frame and slats solid wood


Frame and slats

Untreated solid coniferous wood


Pocket spring mattress with zones padding


Soft - medium - firm

Removable covers

Tencel, recycled cotton, recycled wool, polyester


Pulse - natural rubber


Painted birch

Always comfortable


The hidden, three-zone padding of the mattress makes Aina customisable to every sleeper’s individual body shape and habits. The zones can be arranged in any order to give extra support or softness to your shoulders, hips, or legs.


The pocket spring system’s unbeatable breathability combined with the open cell structure of Talalay latex promotes optimal air flow within the mattress. Certified materials free from toxins complete Aina’s healthy, restorative and soothing sleep environment.


The spring system in your choice of firm or medium tension both supports and conforms to the body, while your favourite arrangement of the padding fine tunes the feel of the mattress. Aina offers support exactly where you need it.


Aina beds are made by hand in Estonia in our own, 100% solar-powered factory, which is heated with wood pellets and produces more solar energy that it uses.

Minimal materials

Aina has everything you need for a great sleep, without any unnecessary extras. Its materials are perfect for their purpose and sourced from Europe whenever possible. The fabrics have the highest feasible ratio of recycled fibres without compromising quality.


Aina has been designed in Finland with resilient, repairable and changeable components. Its fabrics can be cleaned and replaced, from the machine washable surface fabrics to the dirt repellent wool upholstery suitable for dry cleaning. The spring system and frame have a 15-year guarantee.


Rather than becoming redundant when your needs change, Aina can be updated to fulfil them – just rearrange the mattress padding or refresh the fabrics and upholstery.


Aina is a bed created for the emerging circular economy, with recyclable components. Our ambitious plan is to take back every Aina bed at the end of its life for reuse and recycling.


Safe for both you and the environment, Aina has been laboratory tested to ensure it comprises zero harmful substances.* All its materials are certified and contain no flame retardants.*

* Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens, Saksa. Test report nr 2106212-01-30-01A

Choose your bed size

Single beds
Double beds

Choose your tension


If you weigh more than 70 kilos, we recommend the firm tension. Find the ideal combination for you by rearranging the zones of the padding.

If you weigh up to 70 kilos, we recommend the medium tension. Find the ideal combination for you by rearranging the zones of the padding.

40 kg
50 kg
60 kg
70 kg
80 kg
90 kg
100 kg

Choose your color

Ivory melange
Light grey

How to perfect your Aina


Frame and slats: untreated solid coniferous wood; spruce
Bed base spring system: Bonnell-springs
Mattress spring system: heat-treated pocket springs (tension: medium or firm)
Mattress padding: Talalay-latex, 3 zones of soft, medium and firm tension
Topper: Pulse natural latex

Always available online

Aina is our first ever bed available online. As we want you to sleep well in your Aina bed, our resellers operate a 30-day exchange policy for the spring tension (medium or firm) you choose for your mattress (service available in Finland).