Looking after your health and the environment

At Matri it all starts from our family values. Our respect for the environment is so deeply ingrained in us that it guides everything we do. This has always been the case, ever since Matri was founded more than 30 years ago.

Our products are made from the finest materials, and they’ve been designed to stand the test of time. We are utterly committed to sustainable development and protecting the environment. Matri beds are made by hand in our own factory. We consider the wellbeing of the environment and people to be fully interdependent. The safety of our materials is paramount to us, which is why we only use certified, environmentally friendly materials produced in Europe.


It’s important for us to do the right thing and lead the way in our industry. This means we’re constantly looking out for even more environmentally sound, safer and healthier methods to produce our beautiful furniture.

Timeless and durable, high quality design is a key part of sustainability. We believe that good design creates products that last for years on end, both in terms of durability and aesthetics.

In the spirit of sustainability and the circular economy, we also aim to further improve the recyclability and repairability of our products.


Producing Matri beds by hand in our own factory is important to us. It allows us to follow the manufacturing process closely from start to finish and to guarantee that our products remain high quality, safe and environmentally sound.

Our more than 30 years of experience in carpentry and deep respect for design tradition mean that our clients can expect Matri products to always fulfill the strictest quality criteria. As Matri beds are made to last, we grant their frame and string system a 15-year guarantee.

Our modern factory in Pärnu, Estonia, was completed in 2014. While building it, energy efficiency was considered every step of the way. Thanks to solar panels, the factory is 100% energy self-sufficient. We are currently supplementing its energy needs with green electricity, but our aim is to reach complete self-sufficiency in energy production in the next few years. We use wood pellets for heating, and we have switched to energy-efficient LED lighting.

We recycle not only wood, plastic and fabric but also all production waste. In 2020 we focus on reducing the amount of packaging material we use, and we have set ourselves a target for 2021 to recycle all our surplus latex.

Materials and certificates

Because of our family values, environmentally conscious choices have come naturally to us for decades. The importance of sustainability is growing, and to showcase the transparency of our operations, our factory holds both the ISO 14001 environmental management and the ISO 9001 quality management certificates. These certificates are proof of Matri’s commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection.

We take the quality and safety of our materials very seriously. That’s why we only use certified and European-made materials in our Matri beds. We are constantly researching new material options to further reduce our environmental footprint.

Our Hilja collection of beds was born from our desire to create as eco-friendly a bed as possible. Only eco-certified natural materials are used in the production of Hilja beds.

Most Matri products are made in our own factory. In addition, we collaborate with reliable suppliers and partners in Finland, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania and Portugal.